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Best round bathroom mirror supplier in Melbourne

Our premium range of round bathroom mirrors is ready, which means you or your electrician can easily wrap the LEDs around pre-existing recessed recesses designed for that purpose. Most updated Australian bathrooms have efficient exhaust fans and heat lamps, making hot mirrors unnecessary

Wide range of round bathroom mirror

We have a wide variety of round bathroom mirrors available in Melbourne, including modern round and oval, frame and frameless mirrors, rose gold, silver, copper, natural timber, black, white, Venetian, Art Deco, arched and domed, free standing, modern and ornate. There are many options available for browsing and shopping online or in the store.

With Affordable price round bathroom mirror in Melbourne

The bathroom mirror is essential. Naturally you can choose from our wide range below. Another option is to check out the mirror section of our website to see if we can create custom frame mirrors of a certain size. Some of our round mirrors designed for bathrooms have backlight / front light range and frameless mirrors which are covered in this section.

Personalised service experience with AUZZIE tiles

Most round mirrors can be hung in a well-ventilated bathroom without the risk of moisture damage, but we recommend that you visit our Auzzie Tiles and Installation section on our website. If the humid environment is a concern, we suggest a locally manufactured product as we can help to improve the moisture resistance in your bathroom mirror by sealing the inner frame lip with silicone and applying moisture resistant backing.

Hassle-free purchase, supply and install

We believe that our round bathroom mirrors made in Melbourne Australia are very competitive price because we use only the best quality materials, 90% ready bathroom mirrors you advertise online, made abroad. Call us for hassle-free purchase and installation.